Freedom of the City of Doncaster - Tony Sockett


About the Scroll

A piece commissioned to award Tony Sockett The Freedom of Doncaster.

The piece is 65 x 40cm on calf skin vellum and is rendered in gouache, Chinese Ink and gold leaf. The top element is the Heraldic Badge of Doncaster city. The border is stylised leaves with the white rose of Yorkshire. The centre side elements are the Duke of Edinburgh award logo and a heraldic element.

The painting at the bottom left is of Adams Ark, a charitable canal boat used to give disadvantaged children holiday breaks and the picture at the bottom right is of Bentley Park Bandstand which are featured because of Tony Sockett's support.

The title above the border is Gothic Script written in Red Gouache, the rest of the title, below the Doncaster crest is Gilded in a Roman script. The rest of the text is a mixture of italic, gothic and copperplate scripts written in Chinese ink, gouache or gilded.

Freedom of Doncaster Scroll - Tony Sockett

Doncaster - Tony Sockett

Scroll Elements

Scroll Presentation

Doncaster Heraldic Badge

Bottom Left Feature
Adams Ark Logo

Bottom Right Feature
Bentley Park Bandstand