Royal Australian Air Force F-111 Aircraft Disbandment


About the Scroll

This piece was commissioned by good friends of mine to commemorate the disbandment of the iconic F-111 Aircraft . Kim who sadly lost her first husband in an F-111 flying accident, and her second husband, Stew, who I flew with on Tornados and who flew the F-111 on exchange with the RAAF, are pictured presenting the Scroll.

The work lists the pilots and navigators that flew the F-111 during its service with the Australian Air Force, with those that lost their lives in accidents highlighted in red. The piece is decorated at the top with the heraldic crests of the Flying Wing and Squadrons that operated the aircraft. The aircraft is painted in two colour schemes at the bottom and a design formed from elements of the heraldic badges is used to form a modest border.

The piece is about 80cm x 60cm and is rendered on heavy, black cartridge paper using gouache paints and gold leaf. The titles are written in a stylised Celtic script and the names of the aircrew in Italic Script. The dedication at the bottom is written on Copperplate script.

Copies of this scroll are available.

RAAF F-111 Aircraft Disbandment Scroll

F-111 Disbandment

Scroll Presentation

RAAF F-111 Presentation