Freedom of the City of Doncaster - Sarah Stevenson MBE


About the Scroll

A piece commissioned to award Taekwondo World Champion, Sarah Stevenson MBE, The Freedom of Doncaster.

The piece is 22cm x 60cm on calf skin vellum and is rendered in gouache, Chinese Ink and gold leaf. The top element is the Heraldic Badge of Doncaster city. The border is formed from stylised oak leaves and acorns, the white rose of Yorkshire and silhouettes of taekwondo poses.

The bottom border element is formed from several logos: Team GB Twaekwondo Logo, the All Stars Taekwondo 5 Diamonds, Sarah Stevenson Inspires Logo, the Olympic Rings Logo and Team GB Olympic Logo

The portion of the title above the Doncaster Crest is is Gothic Script written in Red Gouache framed in gold leaf, the rest of the title, below the Doncaster crest is also in Gothic Script in red gouache filled with gold leaf. The main body of the text is a flourished Gothic script with simplified capitals. The decorated texts are either Gothic or Italic painted in red gouache and gold leaf

Freedom of Doncaster Scroll - Sarah Stevenson MBE

Salisbury - Sarah Stevenson