RAF 100th Anniversary Collect Scroll


About the Scroll

This piece was created for the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force in 2018 and is now on display in the RAF Church, St Clement Danes on the Strand in London.

The text is a small collect (prayer) written by the RAF Chaplain in Chief and was read in all RAF Churches on the Anniversary and at Westminster Abbey for the main Anniversary Service.

I wanted to keep the design simple but elegant to match the tone of the collect. The RAF Heraldic Badge is at the top of the piece. The side borders contain the RAF Roundel overlaid by a Celtic knotwork pattern. The background colour is the pale, duck-egg blue of the RAF.

The piece is about 50cm x 30cm and is produced on Calf Skin vellum with gouache, gold leaf and Chinese ink.

Fine art prints of this work are available

RAF 100th Anniversary Collect

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