USAF 50th Anniversary Commemorative Scroll


About the Scroll

This piece was commissioned by the RAF to be presented to the USAF on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. I believe the work is now on display in the Pentagon.

I wanted to connect the RAF 75th Anniversary scroll to the USAF 50th Anniversary scroll using some of stylised floral elements in the RAF scroll but made the border design a little less dense by using an interlaced gilded line border to frame the floral elements.

The 50 motif at the top is designed in a Celtic style framed at the top and bottom with a Celtic knotwork design. The Celtic design is also featured in the corner elements and the bottom motif which was designed to balance the 50 motif. The central elements in the border are the RAF Heraldic badge and the badge of the Department of The Air Force Badge.

The 'United States Air Force' title is illuminated (decorated) in a classic roman font using red Gouache which has been gilded with stylised leaves.

USAF 50th Anniversary Commemorative Scroll

USAF 50th Anniversary website

Scroll Elements

Air Force Department Badge

50th Motif

Illuminated title script