Royal Australian Air Force F-18 Aircraft Disbandment Project


About the RAAF F-18 Disbandment Commemorative Project

The pictures to the right show a scroll I was commissioned to produce for my good friends Kim Skuce Morgan-Short and Stew Morgan (RAF), who I was crewed with on Tornado GR1A in the RAF, to commemorate the disbandment of the RAAF F-111. The scroll has the names of F-111 aircrew ordered by their date attending the OCU. The names of those Aircrew killed in accidents are written in red ink, Sadly Kim's husband 'Shorty' is one of those which is one of the reasons the scroll was commissioned.

The work is about 100 x 70cm on black cartridge paper with the artwork and lettering in Gold Leaf, gouache paints and white acrylic ink. It features the Badges of the wing and squadrons which operated the jet, 2 paintings of the F-111 in different paint schemes and a simple border which used elements from the RAAF Wing crest. Fine are prints of the scroll were made available to F-111 aircrew.

When I read that the RAAF F-18A was being disbanded I thought past and present aircrew might like something to commemorate their fellowship with the jet and other F-18A aircrew operators. During my time in Saudi Arabia I became good friends with David McGregor (Mac) through music. I contacted Mac for his view on the idea of a commemorative project for the F-18A which was very positive and he has agreed to coordinate the project with the F-18 aircrew.

For this project I would like to canvas the views of the RAAF F-18A community as to what design features they would like on a commemorative piece. To help come up with ideas I have provided other examples of my work in a gallery at the bottom of the page and a section where people can add their comments and express an interest in having one of the prints when the work is finished. The original work will be presented to the RAAF, as was the F-111 scroll, and a donation from each print will be made to whichever charity the patrons of the scroll decide.

RAAF F-111 Aircraft Disbandment Scroll

F-111 Disbandment
RAAF F-111 Presentation

Gallery of Aircraft/Air Force Themed Works

Register of Interests and comments/ideas

David McGregor

Great idea Mark. Can we feature all the different weapons that could be loaded. Put me down for 1 print please