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copperplate Italic Gothic Celticscript

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The Scripts

In general I use four scripts for most of my work, 3 of the scripts, italic, gothic and celtic use a broad nib to provide the thick and thin strokes and have evolved from the classic Roman alphabet . The fourth, copperplate, uses a very flexible pointed steel nib, which if you apply pressure as you make a stroke opens up to write a thick line.  

Italic and gothic scripts are mastered by most amateur calligraphers, celtic by fewer and copperplate script by very few calligraphers.  

Most calligraphic scripts are related so if the four scripts I normally use are not what you are looking for, providing you supply me a sample of the style you would like I should be able to write it.

Although calligraphy is classed by the arts world as a craft, this does it a serious misjudgement in my opinion.  From years of exposure to the written letter the human eye is highly attuned to letter forms and the slightest inaccuracy in the shape, alignment or spacing of letters is immediately apparent to the untrained eye.  This means that a calligraphers work must be very even and exact if it is to be satisfying to the reader, contrast this with many artistic forms such as impressionism and cubism where the exactness of form is not essential to a good work.  Furthermore, it is almost impossible to cover up a mistake made when writing calligraphic scripts and when a mistake is made the work must be abandoned and restarted, whereas say with an oil painting the liberal 'slapping' on of more paint can hide a multitude of errors.

To view the 4 scripts and for information about them please select one of the links to the left.

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