Wedding Invitation Design and Hand Written Invitations


A bespoke invitation is a personal way to inform people of your wedding. Most personal home printers are now capable of printing with very high quality finishes.
If you wish to print your own invitations I can provide high resolution image files of designs for you to print and guidance on suitable papers.
For effects that cannot be achieved at home, such as embossing or engraving, I work with several traditional Letterpress Printing companies to print them for you.
The invitations can be themed to your wedding and matched to other stationery such as the seating plan, place cards and menus. Invitations could, for example, have original paintings of your church or reception venue, paintings of floral bouquets, decorative borders or even portraits of the bride and groom.

Script Based Invitations

Italic Script

Italic script invitations are classic, simple and elegant where less says more.

Copperplate Script

Copperplate Script is a beautiful cursive script that can be decorated with beautiful flourishes.

Celtic Script

Celtic Script is a bold, formal hand that is particularly suitable for Scottish, Welsh and Irish weddings.

Gothic Script

Gothic Script is also a bold, formal hand that suits wedding receptions in castles and manor houses.

Decorated Invitations

Each of the scripts can be decorated with designs and illustrations appropriate for the style. These can include floral motifs, borders, illustrations of he church or venue, portraits of the Wedding Couple and any other feature you might like.
The example illustrations below show how the decorations add to the Script designs.

Decorated Italic Script

Decorated Copperplate Script

Decorated Celtic Script

Decorated Gothic Script

Handwritten and hand finished invitations

The most personal invitations of all are those written out by hand. Personally I find that copperplate script is the most suitable for this service. Copperplate is a cursive script which means it can be written reasonably quickly, keeping the cost surprisingly affordable. It is also easy to add decorative flourishes to copperplate script as it is being written, meaning that each invitation is entirely individual. Decorative highlights such as gilding or hand painted motifs can also be added.