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Please let me know the style, medium and quantity of the Place Card/Invitations/Envelopes you would like to enquire about using the form. I will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible, ideally by telephone, so please include a phone number and a good time to call. I do offer a discount for these services when they are ordered as a package with other wedding artwork such as a Seating Plan, invitation design etc

Invitation & Envelope Completion

Prices vary according to the type of script and the medium they are written in. Some scripts take longer to write than others and when mediums other than inks are used more care needs to be taken. Metallic leaf takes a lot longer to use as a glue, which is difficult to write with, has to be used and left to dry, the metallic leaves are also expensive.

For a silver script I use a Palladium leaf as this does not tarnish.

I do not recommend metallic leaf for envelopes if they are being posted as the leaf is likely to get damaged in transit.

Copperplate Script

Italic Script

Celtic Script

Gothic Script

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