Elegant Seating Plan themed on Grand Prix Circuits


About the Seating Plan

A copperplate elegant seating plan themed on grand prix circuits as the groom was employed in Formula 1. This work is on a cream parchment style paper and was written with a steel nib using black Chinese ink.

The seating plan is about 70 x 50 cm and was for around 120 people. Each table is named after a Grand Prix circuit and has a circuit map painted in gold leaf and gouache.

The top table is at the centre of the table plan surrounded by a simple gold leaf and white gouache, stylised floral border. The same design is used for the left and right borders.

The seating plan was supplied with matching place cards and table cards.


Seating Plan
inc Place Cards (120)
inc Table Cards (13)
inc Framing

Price Band

Band D
Band E
Band E
Band F

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