Wedding Invitations


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Wedding invitations set the tone and style of your wedding and let your guests know what type of wedding you plan. I provide several services for wedding invitations ranging from just writing your guests' names on the invitations and envelopes by hand, through an invitation design service to fully handwritten and hand painted invitations that can be as personal to the guests as they are to you.

Invitation & Envelope Completion

Having the names and addresses of your guests scribed onto the invitations and envelopes in beautiful handwritten scripts is the perfect way to present your wedding invitations. Prices depend on the script and inks used, you can even have the guests names on the invitations in pure gold leaf!

Invitation Design

I can design invitations to match the theme or style of your wedding. The designs can be provided in high quality image files for you to print or I can arrange the printing for you. Prices for this service depend on the time to design and produce the artwork and the printing costs.

Handwritten & Individually Painted Invitations

Invitations can be written out completely by hand and personalised for the recipient as well as for your own wedding with individual artwork. The invitations can even be finished off with ribbons and sealing wax and delivered to your guests in scroll cases

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