Wedding Seating Plans


Wedding Seating Plans are a beautiful and functional way to assist your guests find their tables. They also make a lasting memento of the people that shared your day with you that can be taken straight from your wedding and hung on your dining room wall at home. From script based seating plans which use just the natural elegance of the lettering to elaborate, intricate Celtic knotwork designs that incorporate paintings of your reception venue or even plans themed on shared interests. If you can imagine it I can probably create it.

Script Seating Plans

Using just the natural shapes of the lettering simple and effective seating plans can be designed. Copperplate, Italic and Celtic Scripts are most suitable for these plans. Titles, tables and of course, the names of the bride and groom, can be highlighted with colour or gold leaf.

Elegant Seating Plans

Elegant seating plans are created by adding decorative borders and illustrations to script seating plans. Illustrations may include coats of arms, paintings of the church or reception venue and portraits of the bride and groom. Vibrant colours and gold leaf make the plans eye catching.

Medieval Seating Plans

Medieval seating plans are ideal for wedding receptions in castles or manor houses. They use Old English scripts, coats of arms and formal borders from the 12-16th centuries and are very boldwith lavish amounts of gold leaf and bright colours.

Celtic Seating Plans

Celtic seating plans are often used for Irish, Scottish and Welsh Weddings. Intricate Celtic designs are used painted in gold leaf and gouache, these designs are very adaptable and can be used to create stunning designs.

Themed Seating Plans

Whatever theme you have for your wedding whether its Winnie the Pooh or Star Trek I can create something to delight you and your guests. These seating plans are fun to create and great to treasure.